Give your B2B customer a B2B experience with Keshav Infotech

Now a days doing business online no longer requires a huge asset, in form of investment and infrastructure due to our template based online e-stores which can be easily customized as per your business requirements or a ready made packaged applications. B2B e-commerce solutions are preferred by business man who want to sell products or services over internet or who wants their customers to be able to evaluate their customers about purchasing trends of the today’s market. We provide you with the most important factors of B2B market are: Web Marketing, Web promotion and Internet Marketing with your B2B ecommerce solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Customize and scale your entire e-commerce business and enhance it by improving efficiencies with our e-commerce solution from sales to inventory, accounting to delivery.
  • Provide your customers with custom pricing, negotiable prices, voluminous discounts and flexible
    payment systems.
  • Serve your customers with a huge range of facilities like photo album along with the product, ability to add and delete any product from the cart at any point of shopping.
  • Our B2B e-commerce solution supports various business models with having various capability of running a multi-brand web tore and multiple sales
  • We support multiple languages, currencies and countries to satisfy your customer-base.
  • Complete pricing, catalogue and promotional activities.
  • Real-time management and administrator of user and admin dashboards


Keshav Infotech’s B2B ecommerce solution provides you with robust capabilities for your enterprise including negotiable prices for your customers, optimized invoicing, cart facility and purchasing. Our B2B ecommerce solution supports payment methods that are required by B2B transaction, invoice, quantity based pricing and much more. We provide you with enduring relations across multiple channels, web stores, distributors, manufactures, in-house sales above all brick and mortar store. We promise you that we will provide you with the features and functionalities you require for your B2B ecommerce solution india.

Multiple Payment Options