Retail or B2C market is the sale of goods and services from individuals or businesses to the end-user. B2C actually refers to online trading and auctions of various products can be conducted online and customers all over the world can purchase from that online store. Now a days to start a new business does not require a huge investment, due to development of internet to create online store which is depended on a custom solution or a ready made packaged application. For any entrepreneurs who want their customer to do business online and sell the products online or buy products online or auction B2C ecommerce solutions is the best option. The main three factors that will affect your B2C e-commerce are online marketing, promotion and advertise, which are provided by us.

Key Features:

  • Direct transaction take place between seller and buyer
  • Powerful Payment services
  • Shopping cart service
  • Gives the order and pays the bill
  • A well structured WYSWYG editor for Admin
  • Support and customer service


When you want to buy a B2C e-commerce solutions india, why to pay for the same script running up in the market? Where to get customized B2C Ecommerce solutions? Let us answer all the questions of yours by Keshav Infotech: Get a customized solution which is different from the scripts that are already running in the market, to develop a unique B2C e-commerce solution. Pay the price for the features that you want for your e-commerce website, to get huge customer-base of the focused customers for your website. We provide customization in form of re-designed templates, UI, Graphics, Features and functionalities.

Multiple Payment Options