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Responsive Web Design is pretty wonderful, isn’t it? Based on our view port, we can decide how elements on the page should change their display to contain various pressure using media queries

Container queries, also known as element queries, allow you to specify conditional CSS based on the width of the container that an element lives in. In doing so, you no longer have to consider the entire page and the co action of all the elements within.

With complex layouts, we may have design block let’s call them factor that appear in different contexts. Each context may end up providing its own pressure on the web design, both in its default state and in its possibly various responsive states.

When an appetite for aesthetics over usability becomes the guide of user interface design, it’s time to reconsider who we’re designing for.

Over the last few years, we have questioned the add up to that gave accessible meaning to the function of consolidate elements. Strong textures, deep shadows, gradients reflection of physical objects were damaged. And many, rightfully so. Our gathering are now more comfortable with an experience that feels natural to the technology, so we should behave in kind.

Yet not all of the changes have benefited users. Our efforts to simplify brought with them a trend of ultra-minimalism where aesthetics have taken priority over legibility, accessibility and discover ability. The trend shows no sign of losing popularity and it is harming our experience of digital content.

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