What is HTML5 Web Development?

HTML5 is the most popular mobile and web development platform used now a days. Due to advanced features of HTML5 like interactive and structural semantics, advanced client-server communication channels, rich multimedia, sand boxed i-frames, embedded audio and video tags, enhanced context menus, offline usage of web applications, direct-mode graphics canvas, scoped styling and much more. Above all its designed by all the browsers like chrome, Firefox, opera and safari too.

Keshav Infotech is one of the best html5 development company. Experienced can only be mapped, measured and designed when you work with us. So map our experience and understand it and design it with us. We have 6 years of long experience working with huge variety of clients all over the world. We have been satisfying our customers with the best web development products designed by team of our 50+ experienced employees. “Experiences can be mapped, measured, and designed. You need to map out the experience so you can understand and design it”. Keshav Infotech has, over the 8 years experience, been successful in building a reputation of providing exceptional html5 development company.

Business Trends of HTML5

Day by Day as the gadgets are increasing we would require a platform to operate it. So the basic need would rise of is responsive bootstrap websites so that is what we are being providing since 6 years of the long journey of Keshav infotech. Customers demand of more information and functionality are increasing along with fully interactive website and graphics rich websites.

Advantages of HTML5

  • Cost effective and received on all browses like Google Chrome and all
  • Clean HTML based and CSS3 and JavaScript offers cross platform services
  • Access rich media and UI components and Geo location features
  • Interactive forms
  • Vector graphics
  • Offline storage